ME AND ARISOTLE (Something for my birthday)

ME AND ARISOTLE (Something for my birthday)

I joined Book Hunter in 2012, but it was only when I began to learn about Aristotle's philosophy that I truly began my journey of hunting for knowledge. I feel the importance of knowledge in every step I take.

I see learning as an ever-expanding journey, not limited to any specific field. As if knowledge is an endless river, flowing through all areas of life, link everything together​.

Aristotle has guided me in translation, life and business. I believe that, no matter how metaphysical knowledge is, it eventually finds a way to manifest itself in everyday life, helping life become richer.

You know, the process of translating and publishing Aristotle's works has been a challenging but very meaningful journey for me. Starting from 2019, I and the Book Hunter team spent 4 years working hard, not only translating but also questioning and criticizing each concept that Aristotle put forward. In particular, "Metaphysics" is the most difficult work among them. It is not easy to choose the best possible translation and attempt to unify all the concepts in Aristotle's works, which are fragmented and scattered.

Aristotle's ETHICS opened up a new perspective for me on using Right Reason in life. Aristotle emphasized that happiness is not just a temporary state but is the result of living a rational life and developing virtues. I understand that to achieve true happiness, I need to develop myself in a measured and thoughtful way, not just based on temporary emotions but also based on the continuous development of virtues such as righteousness, brave, patient, generous and magnificent.

Aristotle's METAPHYSICS has helped me identify the nature of things and things more deeply. Through this work, I learned how to analyze and understand the reasons and purpose of existence of everything in the universe. Aristotle addresses the problem of change through the concepts of “identity” and “model.” Identity is the basic entity that can take on many different patterns, while pattern is the specific essence or characteristic that defines the thing. Transformation, in Aristotle's view, occurs when identity takes on a new model. He emphasized understanding things not only as combinations of identities and patterns but also through their relationship to the cause and purpose of existence, helping to explain change at the level of nature. This is also further developed in SOULS and THEMES.

ARGUMENTS help me clearly perceive the difference between Arguments and Sophisms, so that I can more accurately evaluate statements in an era like today with so many virtual things.

And to this day, Book Hunter and I continue to translate and publish Aristotle. It is promised that in 2024, there will be his works on the shelves.

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