The rain falls deep and is dotted with cold drops... the rain rumbles like the sound of a piano... the rain rushes like a waterfall... Rain has many forms but every type of rain makes people's hearts rekindle so many emotions.

I love myself in the rain, when I don't have to listen to the sound of the world outside with the hustle and bustle of pre-programmed "rice, clothes, money". I remember my single days, when I walked alone in the pouring rain, letting my worries drift away with the current. At that time, sadness and happiness subsided, giving way to absolute silence. That silence, one can call it "state of meditation" or something else far away. Another rainy day, I buried myself in a novel and a glass of bloody red wine. In my ears, the sound of rain blends with the sound of piano to create a unique harmony. The piano version from the music player, I can listen to it a hundred times. But that moment of rain, that feeling, that reality only happens once because the next rain will never be the same as the last rain, even this minute of rain is different from the last minute of rain.

I've been involved in bland relationships. Living in today's contemporary world, anyone can fall into bland love relationships. Those relationships only leave behind hurt and callousness. That love turns us gradually into arrogant and disrespectful people. If you meet a guy who is arrogant and disrespectful, shows that he has experienced life, and shows that he considers girls as transient, understand that that guy has been hurt a lot from bland relationships. Every time I lie helplessly in the arms of that bland love and hear the rain falling outside the window, I wonder: "Is this real?" What am I doing with my life? Rain is like that, rain creates a space where I doubt all deceitful emotions.

With true love, in the rain, I regain the feeling of absolute stillness. But that absolute silence is more pervasive, affecting even the rain clouds outside. That absolute silence allows me to listen to the subtle movements in my soul. No wine, no novels, only the peace of holding the person you love tightly until the end, until space dissolves and time stops. The rains continued again and again, seemingly lasting forever, life after life. That moment only happens once but lasts ten thousand years. It was a moment of love. Only those who have loved, loved themselves, loved silence, and loved someone else to the point of melting themselves can understand that state.

Look, the rain has stopped. My lover fell asleep in my arms. Smiling softly, because after the rain, everything is strangely pristine!

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