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CEO of Book Hunter

Le Duy Nam


About me

I decided to leave the classroom early, not because I don't love knowledge, but because I want to find a more meaningful life for myself. I constantly learn by myself, not only from books but also from my international friends, who have excellent expertise and great thoughts. Through them, I learned valuable lessons about life, times, management experiences and cultures.

And then, I found Book Hunter, an independent academic and creative community founded by writer Ha Thuy Nguyen. Book Hunter not only a place where I continue to learn, but also a place where I feel like I belong. With Book Hunter, I have experienced many ups and downs, from small joys to difficulties and challenges. And since then, I have become an indispensable part of this community, becoming the leader, guide and supporter for members and collaborators. And from here, I understood the meaning of the word Mature.

Aristotle's “Metaphysics” is the most important book project I'm working on in 2023



I learn through conversation, and conversation promotes ideas. For me, reading is also a way to chat and chatting is also a way to read books.

Introducing the book & Discussing current times

Academic English and the foundation to explore the world



March 28, 2024 The wind blows in the east, the wind blows in the west The snow and rain fly away This tired heart now rests, blessed then wakes up, slowly walks again, slowly walks. The wind blows in the east, the wind flies in the west, good fortune comes here, the cautious person is lucky...

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March 28, 2024 The rain is pouring down with cold drops... the rain is like the sound of a piano... the rain is pouring like a waterfall... Rain has many forms but every type of rain makes people's hearts rekindle so many emotions. I love myself in the rain, when I don't have to hear the sound of the world...

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