Chat with Peter Kuznick and Tom Wilber on the occasion of the beginning of 2024

Chat with Peter Kuznick and Tom Wilber on the occasion of the beginning of 2024

At an academic event organized by Book Hunter on January 13, 2024, I had the opportunity to invite two distinguished guests from the United States, historian Peter Kuznick and researcher Tom Wilber, to discuss the issues of war and peace and their influence on the global future.

Peter Kuznick, professor of history and director of the Institute for Nuclear Studies, analyzed the new cold war situation between world powers, especially the US, China and Russia. He emphasized the serious consequences that political decisions could cause, and mentioned the concept of “Nuclear Winter,” a theory of total destruction brought about by nuclear war.

Tom Wilber, who served in the US army, shared his views on the environmental impact of military activities, especially pollution and fuel consumption during war. He also addressed issues of military law and how countries need to reconsider how they treat soldiers.

In the discussion, Peter Kuznick also commented on American exceptionalism and its influence on international policy. He pointed out that America not only sees itself as a different country, but also better than other countries, with a mission of freedom and democracy.

Both speakers noted that the modern world is facing enormous challenges, from climate change to military conflicts, and they called for serious public attention and action. internationally to solve these problems.

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