What is the use – Thomas Carlyle

What is Hope? Rainbow smiled
Children chase the rain;
Wherever you see it, it's still there, and there:
The helpless child is never seen.

What is Life? The ice plank gradually melted
Where the sea and shore are golden and sunny;
Cheerfully set sail, then melted away
We sink gradually, out of sight.

What is Man? Foolish child
Effort, fighting, aimless worry
Limitless demands, not at all worthy
The grave is a small mushroom.

Original English text:

Cui bono

What is Hope? A smiling rainbow
Children follow through the wet;
'Tis not here, still yonder, yonder:
Never seen it yet.

What is Life? A thawing iceboard
On a sea with sunny shore;—
Gay we sail; it melts beneath us;
We are sunk, and seen no more.

What is Man? A foolish baby,
Vainly strives, and fights, and frets;
Demanding all, deserving nothing;—
One small grave is what he gets.

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