Instructions for Practicing Reading English Books

Online Workshop No Fee – 9:00 p.m. every Sunday

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There are many different routes and the content and tuition are published in detail in the course description.


    Since I started reading English books, I felt a new world opened before my eyes. Reading English books not only helps me improve my language skills but is also a way for me to expand my understanding of the world around me.

    Every English book I read is a new journey. I learned new vocabulary, complex grammatical structures, and subtle expressions I never knew existed. Sometimes, I am amazed by the beauty of language, the richness of how words are used to create images and emotions.

    But more than just language, reading English books also broadens my horizons. I traveled through different cultures, gaining a deeper understanding of history, philosophy, science, and inspiring personal stories. Each page of the book is a lesson about life, a window to the vast and diverse world.

    Practicing reading English books is also especially useful for those who intend to become professional translators or pursue a research career.

    Weekly Sunday evening activities, with different book excerpts

    I will choose for you to read different types of English reading exercises, and analyze them with you in each session.

    Latest event: Expected to take place on February 4, 2024.

    Please wait for specific information.

    Archive of videos recording English reading practice activities

    Please click on the image to see the entire Playlist.

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