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There are many different routes and the content and tuition are published in detail in the course description.


    Translation is truly an art, a process much deeper and more complex than simply translating one word into another. When translating a text, you not only need to understand the language, but also deeply understand its semantics and spirit. This requires careful inquiry, analysis and wise judgment.

    Each word, each sentence structure in the original language contains specific meanings and nuances. Sometimes, a simple word in one language may not have an exact equivalent in another. That's when you need to use your judgment to find the most suitable expression to convey the correct and complete meaning of the original.

    This process is not only a challenge but also a joy and happiness as you gradually understand the language and culture more deeply. And when you find the right expression, you don't just translate, you convey a whole world of meanings, ideas, and cultures from one language to another. That is the power and beauty of the art of translation.

    3-level roadmap for Learning & Practicing Translation

    Level 1: Introduction to Translation

    Tuition: 800,000

    Maximum students: 20 students

    Duration: 4 sessions – 60 minutes

    20% promotion for students.

    • Session 1: How to correctly understand an English sentence.
    • Session 2: Look up words
    • Session 3: Method of choosing Vietnamese words
    • Session 4: Practice a complete translation exercise

    Organization: 1 time/quarter – For beginners

    Takes place entirely on Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons.

    Minimum qualifications: Master the 12 tenses, vocabulary rules and basic sentence patterns in English.

    Level 2: Build a translation platform

    Tuition: 2,000,000

    Maximum students: 4 students

    Duration: 4 sessions – 120 minutes/session

    Opportunity to become an essay translation collaborator of Book Hunter.

    • Session 1: Identify a suitable translation topic & find your own translation
    • Session 2: Look up knowledge related to the topic to be translated
    • Session 3: Practice Reading and Comprehension of the text to be translated
    • Session 4: Instructions on how to proofread yourself

    Organized: 1 time/quarter - For people who can speak English

    Only applies to students who have participated in Path 1 or passed the Book Hunter proficiency test.

    Takes place entirely on Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons.

    Level 3: Become a professional Translator

    Tuition: 9,000,000

    Maximum students: 1 student

    Time: 6 months

    Practice through the Project of Translating a specific book. Receive royalties if the book is published according to a contractual agreement when Book Hunter sees potential.

    Opportunity to participate in Book Hunter's book translation projects.

    • Research Guide Topics & Background needed to approach a book.
    • Calculate progress
    • Practice translating a book under 300 pages in size 16X24.
    • Managing the translator's reputation (Interact with Ha Thuy Nguyen for 120 minutes)
    • Complimentary course Understanding the Vietnamese & world book market

    Enrollment: 4 students/year

    Only applies to students who have participated in Path 2 or passed the Book Hunter proficiency test.

    We invite you to watch videos sharing my translation experiences during the process of translating books

    Please click on the image to see the entire Playlist

    These videos share English-Vietnamese translation experiences and train the translation team at Book Hunter.

    In case you want to practice translation more deeply, please learn about the program Mentoring Professional English-Vietnamese Translation.

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