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There are many different routes and the content and tuition are published in detail in the course description.


    You know, without having to go to classes or centers, a person can become fluent in English just by mastering the principles of the language and applying effective learning methods.

    Imagine, you start by laying a solid foundation: learning grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation. But it doesn't stop there, you also learn about how native speakers use language, how they combine words and sentence structures to express meaning.

    You will see that English is not just a language, but also a window to the world. You read books, watch movies, listen to music, even participate in forums and social networks in English. Each of these activities not only helps you improve your language skills but also expand your knowledge and understanding of the world.

    And remember, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Every mistake is a lesson, a step forward. Gradually, you will see progress, even if it is just small steps. Confidence will grow, and one day soon, you will look back on your journey with pride.

    Remember, there are no limits to learning, and English is no exception. If you have passion, determination and the right learning method, you can completely conquer this language. Believe in yourself, start your journey, and you will see that nothing is impossible.

    I have summarized my experiences of self-studying English and would like to share it with those who commit themselves to studying English seriously.

    The video series was made in 2016 with limited economic conditions, so I could only record the screen in a simple way. I hope you will focus on the content, instead of the techniques to create attractive effects. and forgive the lack of image quality.

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    This is the lecture content of the workshop "Study English seriously" organized by Book Hunter.

    After watching these 5 videos, if you have any questions or want to expand your learning in depth, please fill out the form below.

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